Mini pack -100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Beans.4oz

Mini pack -100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Beans.4oz

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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee has long been regarded as the world's finest Coffee by many Coffee connoisseurs- It is usually described as a Signature, Elite, Rare Coffee. 

It is Grown at a Unique Location on the Island in the Caribbean Mountains, at Very High Altitudes, This creates a Micro Climate that doesn't Exist Anywhere Else in the world. The Coffee Cultivated here is Arabica Typica. The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica internationally protects the Blue Mountains space in Jamaica.

Our 100% Jamaican government-certified Blue Mountain coffee is sourced directly from the Hills of the Blue Mountains; we carefully Pick, Sort, roast, and quickly vacuum-Pack your Coffee in small quantities assuring the highest quality of coffee in your cup.  It is Extremely Smooth Coffee, with a uniquely balanced flavor and intense aroma, Zero bitterness and it has notes of Hazelnut and cocoa with a velvety finish, the world most sought after coffee.

  • Return Policy

    Coffee buyers beware.
    Because Blue Mountain Coffee is so rare, unforgettable, and expensive, a lot of sellers/counterfeiters use many techniques to try to ruin the brand’s reputation. For years the Government of Jamaica has been fighting this. Beware of cheap coffee that may have been blended and/or stale coffee. ExoticBlu only processes the highest and freshest grade BMC possible, and we have all of the required government licenses. - If Our Coffee is not Satisfactory or Stale we  have No problem Issuing a full refund or Sending you another Pack- Your satisfaction is Our Number One Priority