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Why is Jamaiac Blue Mountain Coffee so Good and Expensive

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is known throughout the world as one of the best gourmet coffees. The standard of quality for Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is incomparable with any other coffee because of the stringent and precise regulations;

But the question that lingers in people minds that have never tried or heard of jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is

1. What makes Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee so Special and costly?

Here are Five Reasons why it is the most sought after coffee in the world

The Total Amount of Coffee Produced each year is relatively Low

The Amount of Coffee that gets produced in Jamaica relatively low as the growing region is very small compared to other countries- In Jamaica they produce between 4 and 5 Million pounds a year compared to Panama, Colombia, etc which produces 127 pounds in total.

To add to this the designation can be applied only to a small area in the mountains north of Kingston, and only to coffee that is grown at elevations above 3,000 feet,

In layman terms. Genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is scarce. And to make life tougher for people trying to get it is north America, 80% of crop goes to japan eac year leaving the world to fight over 20%,

2. The Growing Conditions are Unique.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is Cultivated at High Altitude above sea level, this area creates a micro climate that is perfect for aratypica beans, the Coffee strives in the volanic soil, heavy rainfall and is protected under the island mystic cloud cover.
The Coffee takes twice as long from bloom to harvestwhen compared to other countries and region but the results are worth the wait

3. Picking the Cherries are labor-intensive

Many country coffees are grown either on flat land or on rolling hills.

This isn’t the case in the high reaches of the Blue Mountains.

There are no large, flat growing areas. Coffee trees are planted in small groups, where the terrain allows. And that ground can be as steep as 70 degrees.

Picking cherries on the slopes can be very dangerous and no machines can be used on these slopes (so there is no choice)

This is a major consideration when it comes to the price of the coffee. Growing coffee high up in the blue mountains is extremely labor-intensive compared to other places in the world

4. Quality Control

Green beans are sorted by hand, Any Defectives beans are rejected)no machinery is used, this ensures the customers get a consistently high quality of Jamaica blue mountain

Jamaicans know they have a unique coffee, and they go to considerable lengths to ensure the quality of the beans that are approved to carry the name Blue Mountain Coffee. The same goes for the coffee processors.

Jamaica’s Coffee Industry Board not only educates the growers and processors but has also established clear rules for the growing, harvesting, processing, and roasting of the region’s coffees.

In addition, if an estate or processor wants to export its coffee, that coffee has to be tested and evaluated by the Industry Coffee Board first.

5. Exceptional Taste- it is regarded by many as possessing the best coffee taste profile in the world with its exceptionally rich, complex, and bouillon-like flavor that produces a perfectly balanced, classic coffee that imbibes a rich flavor, full-body, and a smooth yet vibrant acidity.

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